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Traditional Peruvian Food in classic style

 made with peruvian flavors and culture in mind


Dining at Eli's means having authentic Peruvian flavors at your fingertips.  Here's how we work: 

Eli's Peruvian Kitchen is dedicated to bringing our best foods to our restaurant and to your table when you dine with us. Bringing authentic, traditional flavors that you would find in the older shops in Lima, Peru, 

We specialize in serving dishes "menu" style, in which plates are handed out until supplies for the day run out. Hours vary based on produce availability and in order to provide the freshest meals, we do not take reservations or take-out orders during our lunch run. For lunch, please be aware that we are first-come, first-serve and change our menu daily. 

We do take reservations for parties of 6 or more. Please call us at 619-452-2852. 



(619) 452-2852                    


4979 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115


Thur - fri 12-5pm              
sat - SuN 10am - 5pm  


keeping in traditional...

Eli's Kitchen believes in making meals fresh and therefore replenishes its ingredients daily. Peruvian ingredients are sourced from Lima and brought to our kitchen to ensure what you're tasting is exactly what you would taste in the Miraflores district of Lima or off the stone roads of cusco. 

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Founder and Head chef: Elizabeth Mostacero

Elizabeth Mostacero is a Peruvian-born chef, raised in the urban setting of Peru until the 90s, when she moved to the United States. She has studied as an event planner and business owner here in the United States, as well as trained with fellow chefs in Lima. 

Elizabeth believes in taking out the "fusion" in some of Peru's most classic meals. Her events and food bring back a sense of nostalgia for those who've had a similar upbringing. For those new to South American flavors, it's an exciting new journey and also a comfortable home-cooked meal. 


Catering Services

Our catering services were the first part of the business we launched, and we have excelled with events from 10 people to 120 people. Look to us to work with you for the best services, as we always strive to serve the best foods. Whether it's a sample of some of our South American flavors or an all-out traditional feast you would expect at a party in Lima, Peru, we are there to make it happen. 

We are always available for private events at our location or off-site catering services. 

Please call Elizabeth Mostacero if you are interested, or reach out at